How our program works

The initial $49 no-obligation consultation with Dr. Watunya takes approximately 1 hour and includes a body composition analysis (BCA), vital signs, a comprehensive medical/family/social/diet/weight history, and a thorough physical examination including blood work and EKG, if necessary. Dr. Watunya will explain the 4-page BCA which calculates how many calories you burn in a day, and your body’s distribution of fat, water, and muscle. The BCA report will also inform you of the percentage you are above your ideal body weight, and your associated increased cancer and mortality risk. Finally, the report will calculate the MINIMUM amount of weight you will be expected to lose on each of our 3 major weight loss programs (full meal replacement, partial meal replacement, calorie counting with or without an appetite suppressant) if you follow the program EXACTLY and are not a slow metabolizer.

Meal Replacements (Nutriceuticals)

Full (Low Calorie Diet) or partial meal replacement (Modified Low Calorie Diet) is done with high protein, low calorie products that have the right balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals that help to improve your energy levels while you lose weight. Our products are formulated with the goal of maintaining muscle mass and losing fat mass, which helps to maintain your metabolism during the weight loss process. Our shakes have nutriceutical grade protein that may help decrease your appetite while on the program and increase your weight loss.
Our products consist of a wide variety of different flavored bars, ready-to-drink shakes, powdered shakes, soups, and salty crisps that we have in stock in our office.


Each follow-up visit will last approximately 15 minutes and includes a new 1-page body composition analysis (BCA), vital signs and a quick physical examination and consultation with Dr. Watunya to interpret your BCA report informing you how much weight you lost and whether it was from fat, water, or muscle. You may discuss any problems or concerns you have with Dr. Watunya at this time. Medications doses may be adjusted or prescribed, if needed, usually in consultation with your primary care physician. At each visit, you will be provided with a behavior module on a different topic related to weight management which will be reviewed with Dr. Watunya at your next visit. You will also learn valuable information on how to make lifestyle changes to help you control your weight long-term.

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