Why Medical Weight Loss?


There are many advantages to achieving your weight loss through a board certified physician. First, Dr. Barbara Watunya will take a full history, perform a complete physical exam and order blood work to make sure there is not a medical condition, such as hypothyroidism, making it difficult, or impossible for you to lose weight. Dr. Watunya, who is also a pharmacist, will review your medications to make sure these are not contributing to your weight issues. Only a medical doctor can prescribe or change your medications and customize your own unique, personalized weight loss plan taking into account your metabolism, hormonal changes, medications, and your individualized weight loss goals, concerns and obstacles.

Many weight-related medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol will require careful monitoring and medication adjustment during the weight loss period which only a medical physician can do safely. With weight loss, medications can often be decreased or even discontinued! Dr. Watunya will work very closely with your primary care physician & specialists to make sure these changes are done safely. Our main concerns are that you lose weight safely and quickly, and learn behavior modification techniques and lifestyle change to keep your weight off permanently.


Obese and overweight individuals have a right to healthcare that is safe and fits their lifestyle. This treatment should recognize and respect their individual, physical, social, spiritual, psychological , and economic needs. Obesity is chronic disease which requires lifelong treatment. It is a disease process with physiological cause, like diabetes or hypertension, and should be treated as such. Obesity is NOT a result of “weakness” or “lack of willpower” by the patient.

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